Christian Weight Loss

What is Christian Weight Loss?

God does everything better than man ever could including helping you to lose weight!

Many Christians view weight control and weight loss as part of a “vanity” that is frowned upon by God. Some have the viewpoint that this is exactly how God created me and so they fail to take proper care and soon start to become overweight.

Nothing is further from the truth!

You are created in the image of God and God wants you to look good, and wants you to live healthy. Overweight and obesity is not what God intended for you, never mind the illnesses, health problems and even social problems that are also associated with being overweight or obese.

Having a good figure and looking great for your partner is not about vanity at all – it is about looking after your health and your making yourself attractive for your partner.

It is strange that so many view weight control as a vanity and yet the very same people will not venture out the house without their make-up or their hair and clothes looking perfect!

What is Christian Weight Loss

What is Christian weight loss and how does it differ from worldly weight loss?

Worldly weight loss is a growing 490 billion dollar industry that is designed to fail so that you continue to feed the industry and keep it growing. In all reality, worldly weight loss is at best only temporary and the minute you stop any of the weight loss programs or supplements you begin to gain weight again.

Christian weight loss is where you take the promises of God in his word and apply it to your life. Suddenly you will find that you are losing weight without effort and that the weight is lost forever.

God helps you to take control and He causes you to lose the weight! When God does it for you the weight loss is easy and permanent.

How Christian Weight Loss Works.

No Pills – No patches – No Diets – just the powerful word of God working in your life so that you lose weight without effort.

Not only will you lose weight permanently, but you will gain confidence and your self esteem will jump to new levels. Your relationship with God will improve and in general, just about every facet of your complicated life will be better.

God gave us the instruction book to life – the bible. The bible contains some of the most incredible advice known to man and knowledge of the bible is knowledge of Gods word and the ability to apply God’s word to your life.

Ignorance destroys

Without the knowledge that Jesus died on the cross for you so that you could be saved, you could never have been saved.

Without the knowledge that Jesus wipes away your sins and that your sins are forgiven by Him, you would still be living a guilt burdened life full of sin but instead you are washed clean by His blood and are able to stand in His presence.

Without the knowledge that Jesus can and will help you to gain control of your weight forever, you will continue to either be overweight, or will trust in the worldly dieting system that will at best cause you to shed some pounds for a few months before it all comes back with a few more pounds added as well.

Weight Loss God’s Way.

Weight Loss God’s Way is a Christian course that is going to lead you into the word of God and reveal to you facts that will not only renew your mind but will also transform your body.

The e-book course by Dr Frank Smoot is a life changing experience that will strengthen your Christian character, cause you to lose weight permanently and without effort and will increase your self esteem so that you become a better and more assertive Christian.

Christian weight loss - weight loss God's way.Permanent weight loss

Biblical principles

Improve self esteem

Stronger Christian

Renew your mind


Weight Loss Gods way is a digital download and so it is immediately available to you no matter where you are in the world.

Discover the secret to losing weight without effort and build into your Christian character with the powerful biblical secrets revealed by Dr Frank Smoot in this amazing book that will totally transform your life.

“Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind” – Romans12:2

Before and after weight loss thanks to Weight Loss God's Way

Allow your mind to be renewed and your body transformed by the amazing Weight loss God s Way.

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