Lose Weight Permanently

How do you lose weight permanently? If you are sick and tired of the weight loss / gain yoyo then this is just for you.

Your extra weight is more than just a couple of extra pounds or kilo’s that you have to lug around with you every day and night.

It is extra stress to both your health system and emotions.

It is guilt that has built up in your life.

It is a cause of low self esteem and even depression.

It is time for you to break free from your weight problems. Your past may be playing a bigger role in your weight problems than you realize! It is time to let your past know that it has no right to determine your future.

Common Weight Loss Methods.

We live in a very commercial world that has trained our thought patterns more than we could ever realize. The average person, when asked how they plan to lose weight, will immediately list one or more of the common methods associated with losing weight.

1) Diet

2) Exercise

3) Diet Supplements

4) Surgery.

While these may be the most common weight loss methods taught to us by a $49 Billion Dollar weight loss industry, the real truth is that they only treaty the symptoms of weight gain and not the cause.

I am willing to bet that you have already tried one or more of these methods and ended up a failure or found that as soon as you stopped the program the weight just came pouring back.

Weight Loss that works permanently!

If I were to suggest to you a weight loss program that will have you shedding massive amounts of weight

– without dieting

– without exercise

– without diet supplements

– without surgery

you would probably think that I am crazy. It’s ok – lots of people do think that I am crazy, but then there are those who stop and listen and soon start to lose massive amounts of weight easily and permanently.

In independent research into weight loss effectiveness some amazing results were revealed:-

Diet only contributes to under 25% of weight lost.

Exercise contributes to a further 15%.

The balance of 60% or more of total weight loss is determined by the way that you think.

Your own opinion of yourself, or should I rather say, what you have come to believe about yourself plays a massive role in your weight control.

When self esteem is high – weight is low. When self esteem is low – weight is high!

Things that have been taught and told to you even from a tender young age could be contributing to how much you weigh now.

Emotional eating is known to be one of the biggest contributors to weight gain and yet there is no worldly weight loss solution to counteract emotional eating. In fact the common weight loss solutions make it even worse due to the fact that every time you enter an emotional crisis and break your diet, you then get hit with guilt which causes even more emotional stress.

If an emotional problem is causing you to gain weight you need to address the emotional problem and not just the symptom of weight gain.

WLGW is a Christian weight loss program that is going to help you to break free of your weight problems forever. It is the only weight loss program that offers permanent weight loss without the need for diets, exercise, or dieting supplements.

The best thing is that you do not need to be a Christian for these principles to apply in your life.

God loves you and cares for you. He has the perfect solution for you and wants to help you to regain your figure and health.

God created you perfect but the ways of the world have changed and molded you into your current self. You need to break free from all the worldly lies and deception that has contributed to your weight gain and to enter into the promises of God.

Christian weight loss - weight loss God's way.No Diets

No exercise

No pills

Lose weight permanently


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