Low self esteem in women

Why discuss low self esteem in a predominantly weight loss site?

The answer is simple!

A fact about self esteem is that when self esteem is high then weight is low and when self esteem is low then weight is high.

How to love yourself again.The way that you regard yourself affects all aspects of your life including your weight!

If your low self esteem has caused you to gain weight then simply by changing the way you regard yourself and improving your self esteem, can cause you to lose weight and become more confident.

On discovering this simple truth, I was able to reflect back in life to some prime examples of this astounding fact. One example I clearly remembered was a young girl that I watched growing up. She was the daughter of a family friend.

This young girl was always very thin until around the age of 16. She suddenly became sexually active and was soon hopping from bed to bed. Within the space of 1 year this same thin girl became fairly obese.

She had lost her self respect through her sexual activities and as a result she suffered from excessive weight gain.

While this is an extreme example, it does go to show that low self esteem plays a major role in your weight problems.

Causes of Low Self Esteem In Women

Women are complex and sensitive creations. The extra sensitivity that you experience as a women can be a positive factor in many ways, but when it comes to self esteem, it is usually a negative. Any careless remark could cause a dip in your self esteem.

Things that you may have done in the past that you are not proud of will cause you to lose self esteem.

Comparing yourself to what the world represents as the perfect woman is a sure way to knock your self esteem. Magazines and the media are constantly publishing images of beautiful women with hour glass figures and representing them as the way that you should look. The only problem is that few women ever look like that, including the actual models in the pictures because the photo’s have been Photo shopped and altered.

These are just a few of the millions of factors that may have affected your self esteem in the past.

Breaking Free From Low Self Esteem.

The way that you view yourself can only be determined by you!

If God thinks that you are perfect and has already forgiven you for your past then what right do you have to think otherwise.

Your mind and the way that you think is the only factor that is holding you and keeping you from becoming the person that you want to be – self assured and confident.

When you start to break free from the Stinking Thinking that has held you captive in the past, you will also be starting to break free from weight problems and even relationship problems that have all been affected by your low self esteem.

If you are affected by low self esteem, then I am going to urge you to invest a little in your future happiness and to buy the ebook “Weight Loss God’s Way” which will be the start of a whole new confident you.

Weight Loss God’s Way may be a weight loss guide using biblical principles, but it is also the key to renewing the way that you think about yourself and breaking free from low self esteem.

The book is based on biblical principles which will set your mind free, totally destroy your stinking thinking of the past, and create a whole new confident you.

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