Weight Loss God’s Way Review

Weight Loss God's Way


  • Permanent weight loss
  • Treats emotional eating
  • eBook so get started straight away
  • Builds into your life


  • Some may not like the Christian aspect

Christian weight loss - weight loss God's way.Weight Loss God’s Way is not a new fashion diet.

There are no diet pills involved.

You do not need to starve yourself.

You will lose weight without effort.

The weight loss is permanent and will not return.

What is Weight Loss God’s Way?

Biblical principles to build you and strengthen you.

The only program that helps you overcome emotional eating.

Removes the causes of weight gain and not the just the symptoms.

A life changing experience

Permanent easy weight loss.

Tanya lost weight without even dieting or pills. Discover the weight loss secret.Weight Loss God’s Way is an eBook course from Dr Frank Smoot that will build into your Christian character and help to set you free from emotional problems that are causing you to gain weight.

Weight gain is really just a symptom of an underlying problem!

While 99.9% of weight loss programs and supplements seek to remove the symptom of excess weight, they never ever look at the underlying cause of the weight gain and so as soon as you stop the diet or diet supplements you start to gain weight again.

WLGW removes the causes of weight gain so you never have to worry about your weight again!




This is truly a 5 star product

Cost – Once off charge of only $39-97

Most diet supplements will cost you more than this for a single months supply and you will need to use them for up to six months at a time. As soon as you stop them the weight will come back and you need to start all over again.

Weight Loss weight loss varies per person but weight loss of 70lbs without any dieting is not only possible but is an everyday occurrence. See the testimonials for yourself.

With worldly systems weight loss of 70 pounds plus is almost unheard of and when attained it is as a result of costly supplements combined with strenuous exercise routines and strict diets. With WLGW it is a breeze!

BenefitsWLGW builds into your life and strengthens your Christian character and relationship with God. You will notice a huge difference in your self esteem and soon your confidence levels and sense of self worth will be at an all time high – Value – Priceless.

One lady even fell pregnant within one month of starting the course. She had been battling to fall pregnant for 5 years and her case had been basically written off by her Gynecologist who told her to forget trying to fall pregnant. Coincidence – I don’t think so.

While other worldly systems may offer a whole load of (useless) free bonuses, none of these bonuses can come near to what WLGW offers.

Availability – Weight Loss God’s Way is a digital download and so is available to you the minute you sign up. In fact, you can access the first two chapters for free so that you can begin before you even pay a cent.

I know of some people who have experienced incredible results just by reading through these first two chapters even though most of the meat contained in the course is in the latter chapters.

Worldly diets and supplements are subject to postage – shipping fees and in some cases import taxes as well. The shipping can take as long as two to 3 weeks depending on where you stay. With WLGW there are no extra charges.

Guarantee – If you are in any way not satisfied – simply contact Dr Frank and your money will be refunded immediately. This is a solid guarantee.

Worldly guarantees are filled with small print and are mostly not worth a dime – “Use product for at least 60 days and if not satisfied return to us within 67 days. You will need to have a full medical check up before and after to verify results,” etc.

Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is one of the main culprits of weight gain and yet there is no diet or supplement available to treat such an eating disorder. In fact, worldly dieting systems tend to aggravate the problem.

Diet and lose a couple of pounds until an emotional problem emerges – binge eat due to problem – feel a failure for breaking diet – binge eat more due to failure.

With Weight Loss God’s Way emotional eating becomes a problem of the past. WLGW is the only program that effectively deals with and totally destroys emotional eating.

Take control of your life again.

Lose weight permanently

No strict diets

No strenuous exercise routines

Regain your self esteem

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Christian weight loss - weight loss God's way.


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