Best nutrition diet for cancer patients

Best nutrition diet for cancer patients

Cancer is such a disease that many people get scared when they hear its name. cancer is believed to be a serious disease, but we give the right diet along with the right treatment to the cancer patient the treatment will help to reduce any side effects that may be caused by the medicines therefore a healthy and nutritious diet is also very important for cancer patients which will help in improving the health of the patient and will also help the patient to stay positive while giving treatment.

So it would not be wrong to say that as many medicines are needed by a cancer patient. equally, the diet should also be very good.

But one thing to keep in mind is that what type of cancer has happened sometimes it also depends on whether the doctor says not to eat, then if this is the case then you do not have to eat those things. But apart from that I will tell you in this article i will tell you such things which are very beneficial for cancer patient.

1. The first thing is the egg – Eggs are a good alternative. a very good amount of vitamin B and vitamin E is found inside the egg for cancer patients to take.

With the same egg, which becomes a sailenia side effects of chemotherapy, it helps very much in reducing them, it is very important. because it happens that during cancer, those who talk about chemotherapy, that is, cancer treatment, they start it. Its side effects are very disturbing to give relief to a patient from the side effects of chemotherapy, whatever substance you give to the patient should be given and egg is a very good substance to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. The best thing about eggs is that they are available anywhere and they are very easy to get. And they do very quickly. So if you like boiled egg or it is quenched, it is omelet, you can make it in any way and give it to the cancer patient.

Eggs strengthen our body from inside. They also help in strengthening the muscles, so because of this, eggs are a good substance for cancer patients.

2. Fresh green leafy vegetables- Vegetables that are fresh green leafy are rich in potassium and vitamin B.  and B vitamins are more effective in fighting the harmful effects of cancer treatment along with this, the body gets a very good amount of anti-oxide from green vegetables they are green vegetables to our body and they are our cells. It also helps in repairing the damage caused by their damage so for these reasons, those who are cancer patients, they should be given a good amount of green vegetables in the diet.

A very good amount of fiber is also available. Sometimes this also happens to them. very strong medicine Cancer patient also has the problem of constipation by taking heavy medicines, so even in such a problem, if you give green vegetables, then you will get rid of it.

3. Sprouted grains- As much as our body needs carbohydrates, protein is also needed by our body people who are suffering from cancer, their body needs a lot of protein For this reason, sprouted grains should be included in the diet of cancer patients. there are all kinds of pulses like bean lentil, earthen pot, black gram etc. there are sprouted food, they should be taken. which will give the body a very good amount of protein.

Along with protein, the immune power of your body, it also helps in increasing it in doing good those who are cancer patients should have sprouted grains once in their diet. Breakfast time or lunch time or dinner time can be given anytime.

4 FruitDifferent types of seasonal fruits should be included in the diet of cancer patient. especially if we talk about Vitamin C and Vitamin A if we are talking about such fruits, then such fruits should be included like orange, lemon, papaya, mango. if you like gooseberry, you can give it or the moment of kiwi comes, it will also be very good. I specifically said Vitamin A and Vitamin C because they give good anti-oxide to our body. and as I told earlier that it is very important for cancer patients to give good amount of anti- oxide. what happens if you give different seasonal fruits Cancer patient gets all these things in very good amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber to the body. and these are all the nutrients which provide a very good amount of energy to our body.

5. Buttermilk or curd- Talking about buttermilk or curd, it is a good probiotic and potassium, vitamin B12, calcium, carbohydrates  are found inside it, which helps our body to fight infection therefore, students are a good substance for cancer patients.

During this, I will also tell which substances should not be given to cancer patients. Fried fruits, more sugar, more oil, more salt, all these things should be kept away from cancer patients.

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