Do yoga daily to look

Do yoga daily to look 30 at the age of 50.

Do yoga daily to look 30 at the age of 50.

If you want to show your young age, if you want to look 30 years old even if you are 50, then you have to get enough sleep. You have to eat well and you have to exercise regularly. These three rules are our pillars that can hide your age. Otherwise, age will definitely show itself, there is some exercise to hide them, so that your skin will not hang, the skin remains tight, glow on the skin and if there is no distance on your face, then you cannot feel your age, you see there are many people. Those who look 40 years old at 60, 70, many 40 look like 70, you have to keep in mind whether you want to look 70 in 40 or 40 at 70, it depends on you and think understand and do.

First of all, let me tell you three lying exercises. This has to be done regularly if you want to see at a young age.

Do yoga daily to look

1. Wheel Pose   It will have a complete spine twist. In this exercise, there will be glow on the face and the wrinkles will be erased and there will be complete circulation in it. You have to do 7 rounds of this and the muscles of the body will always be tight.

Do yoga daily to look

2. Plow Pose It brings glow on your face even in . Your thyroid gland and all are affected.

3.seated forward bend pose The spine is flexible with this express. If you hold it for 5 minutes then no one can stop you from getting glow on your face

This is easy to do with three lats. Hide your age if you do it regularly

Now you have to do 3 posture standing.

1. half wheel pose In this, as far as possible, the whole body will be pulled back and the whole stomach will be pulled and together it will come towards your face. Now go ahead in this. In this the whole face will be circulated and your spine will be flexible.

2.  Standing seal pose In this, tie both the hands from behind and bend down and pull the hands up, it will also bring glow on your face and will make your whole body completely fresh.

3. Standing forward bend  Hold both the legs in this and put the knee on the head, it will also give full glow towards your face, will relax your body.

You have to do these 6 asanas daily. Then you will see your difference for yourself.

alternate nostril breathing Breathe through one nostril and release it from the other. Then take your breath back from where you exhaled and leave your mother-in-law, this has to be done for at least 5 to 10 minutes. It will completely purify 72000 nadis in your body, when your nadia is pure then circulation will be good in it. If his blood is clean, then your skin will glow. Your skin will glow. so it’s a good exercise

You definitely have to get good sleep. Do meditation at night to improve sleep. In meditation, watch long breaths come and go, slowly your mind will relax again, when the mind slows down, then sleep will come. If something goes on in the mind, then sleep cannot happen. Quiet the thoughts to 0.

What we can digest in food is good for us, what we cannot digest is bad for us. You see what your body can and cannot digest.

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