Eat These 12 Things To Lose Weight.

Eat These 12 Things To Lose Weight.

Eat These 12 Things To Lose Weight.

Eat These 12 Things To Lose Weight.

Most of us give ourselves this ask because we are out of the house all day. We are not able to take care of food and drink because something is eaten outside and even at home we do not get much time to make something everyday which can last the whole day. With this, they eat only what is found there or outside.

But if I tell you that there are not one or two but how many healthy things that you can take ready made from the market or you can easily make them at home easily. It will also keep your stomach full for the whole day and at the same time will give a lot of benefits to the body this article is not just for those people who want to lose weight but for all those who want to manage weight. Want to live a healthy lifestyle and want to avoid diseases caused by unhealthy eating.

So let’s start the first to make Rule that you have some food in every 2 hours and whatever food is just healthy food. You have three big mills food in the day. Breakfast Time, Lunch and Dinner Time and Three Mills are taking three small mills. Then take it if you feel that after eating six times a day, you will increase weight, then it is not at all. If you eat healthy things and eat at regular time, then you will not even feel hungry and you can escape junk food or snacks. With this you will not eat extra calories  and it will reduce your weight.

Their good care of their good health is also the secret that they definitely eat something in every 2 hours, but they only eat healthy things and therefore they can make themselves so much. These people also live outside the house all day long, but still have full care of food and drink.

1.dry fruits. It is also easy to carry and does not spoil quickly. They also give you instant energy and do not increase weight, eat at least four to five almonds every day. It is very good if you eat soaked almonds, otherwise you can eat like this too. Eat almonds whenever you feel hungry in between mills or want to eat something with tea in the evening. Apart from this, you can also keep walnuts or peanuts but keep in mind that it should be without fried and without salt.

2.Healthy sandwich The name of the sandwich makes everyone’s mouth water anyway. But you don’t have to eat the sandwich you get from the market. You can make a healthy sandwich from your canteen. If you are in office then and if you are at home then you can eat it by making it at home, try to eat only flour bread, multigrain bread and put all the salads in it like tomato, onion, capsicum etc. Keep in mind that butter, cheese Do not put it because it is okay sometimes but should not be eaten everyday. If you add green chutney along with the empty salad, then it will also become very good. Apart from this, there is another option. You can also eat it by making a sandwich of vegetables or lentils with you.

3.Boiled eggs Those who eat eggs, this is also a very good option. But keep in mind that you do not have to eat omelet only by eating boiled eggs. You can take two boiled eggs in between mills or with tea and eat it with onions and chutney. It can also be eaten by making sandwiches.

4.Salad sounds very boring, but you can make it interesting. There is an option of cucumber, tomato, radish salad, but you can add more things to it. For example, adding boiled gram, Beans , sprouts, corn kernels or cheese also enhances its taste and it also keeps your stomach full and also benefits health. If you want, you can eat it during breakfast time or lunch time also.

5.cheese It is also a high protein food which gives instant energy to the body. The body gets a lot of benefits by eating cottage cheese. Raw cheese is many times better than grated cheese as it does not contain spicy things. You can take raw cheese from outside, cut it into small pieces and then add salt and pepper, if you are feeling more hungry, then you can eat it by making a sandwich by putting chutney in raw water.

6.Healthy snacks If you work in your office, keep healthy snacks on your desk. Eat healthy snacks instead of biscuits or snacks. Nowadays many healthy snacks have come in the market. Such as sugar free biscuits, coats biscuits, diet salty, boiled chickpeas, which you can eat in between.

7.Green tea Have green tea at least once a day. More than half of your illness can be cured with just one habit. For this, you just have to take a green tea bag, take a cup of hot water and infuse the green tea bag pack for 4 to 5 minutes and you will get ready green tea. Your green tea is many times better than your regular tea. If you do not like its taste, then you can also add lemon or honey to it.

8.Seeds Many types of seeds are very important for our health, which we should eat every day, but we often ignore them. This is nothing new. People have been eating it for centuries. Now many such ready made packets are available in the market, which contain all types of seeds. Like basil seeds, flax seeds, melon seeds, etc., these plain are also available and you can also keep them roasted with you and eat a spoon every day instead of snacks.

9.coconut water Coconut water is like no one for our health. If you take water at least 3 times a week, then your health will not only be good and with that your skin will also glow.

10.fruits There are few fruits such as apples can be eaten. You can also eat a banana with the same while traveling. Bananas do contain calories, but it is better than what you would eat from jungle food. If you have time, you can also eat some chopped fresh fruits. You should eat fruits like papaya, melon, watermelon or whatever the season is here, the more fruits you eat, the better.

11.water Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day. If you want to lose weight quickly, then drink hot water and if not, drink plain water. The easiest way to do this is to put it on your desk and make it a goal for the whole day to finish all these bottles in 8 hours. When you have to take a break in between work. If you want to take it, keep drinking water little by little, till the evening you will not even know, you must have drunk good quality water.

12.curd/buttermilk Eat it with food or after eating it, it also enhances the taste of food and also keeps digestion good.

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