Signs Of Heart Attack

Signs of heart attack

Signs of heart attack 

You all know that heart attack is the number one killer disease in the world and that is why it is so important. Somewhere people ask what is this heart attack. Why this heart attack happens, then a heart attack occurs when any of the arteries of the heart which are giving blood supply. The heart should get some blockage in it. The blood for whatever is there stops and the cells of the heart muscles start dying. This is the reason why heart attack occurs.
Symptoms of heart attack means having pain in the chest, which is the pain . Angina pain says. It starts feeling like pressure or heaviness or tightness which is not there only in the left side. Sometimes in the center. Sometimes on the right side. This pen which is sometimes goes towards the top of the stomach. Sometimes the left shoulder sometimes goes to the left hand. Sometimes there may be pain in the jaw or even in the tooth, along with this pain which is increased by walking or exertion, it is less than resting a little. along with this, some people feel shortness of breath and sweating, so all this is a symptom of heart attack.
Some people say that it is gas and it is not a heart attack. There is denial mode and hence he does not rush to the doctor. Due to which the treatment is delayed, it has been seen in many studies that 30% of people complain of gas filling. They actually have a hard-related problem, so when it’s a problem, you don’t have to ignore it. You have to go to the doctor immediately and get his treatment. is to be evaluated.
So if someone is having chest pain around you and you think it might be a heart attack, what should you do? What is primary treatment. If you have disprin, ecosprin or aspirin in your home, it should be given to the patient immediately because these are anti pleated medicines that try to stop the clotting or clot formation that is happening in the black. If there is a heart patient in someone’s house and there is a tablet of 5mg of sorbitrate. If available with you, keep it under the tongue, which reduces the intensity of the pain and immediately contact the nearest hospital ambulance and from there the doctor should be prepared that the patient is coming and prepare for his treatment.

What is Angiography?

When someone has a hard attack, the doctor speaks. The best treatment is primary angioplasty with primary angiography. Means to do angiography, where is the blockage, they see and the block which is there is opened and a stand is kept there. It is called the primary angioplasty. This is a very good treatment because the blood flow to that artery is completely restored. Due to the immediate improvement of blood supply to the cells of the heart muscle, the pumping of the heart which is less, in a heart attack, it stops a little and the pumping of the heart remains safe, then it has become the best treatment. many patients live away from the city, where the lab is not available in the hospital where angiography can be done, then it is necessary for these patients to go to the hospital with ICU where they are given clot dissolving injection, this injection is called fibrinolytic therapy and this injection There is a lot of benefit in people, 50% of the people do not get any benefit, then they are shifted to the high center after injection, where later their angiography and if needed, angioplasty is done, then this is the second option of treatment.

What is the difference between mild heart attack and major heart attack?

Mighty heart attack is said when the heart pumping which is 60% to 65% of the normal, then above 45% then it is called mild attack. If it is below that, it is a major attack because a lot of heart muscles get damaged in a major attack. But be it mild or major, every art attack is critical. Every Art Attack can sometimes cause a BP drop. Heart beat increases. Sometimes the floor falls. The fast hearted of this variety  is called ventricular tachycardia, for which many times we have to give hobby to the patient and many young people who have heart attack, they get arrested for this ventricular tachycardia disease and they also die.

Will lifestyle be normal after angioplasty ?

When there is a heart attack which is an internal wound, it takes 4 to 6 weeks to heal, during that time we need some care and care is to be done forever because some people who have had a heart attack It is necessary for them to take regular medicines to prevent another attack, keep consulting with your doctor, keep following up, should include cardiac rehabilitation so that you will know about exercise and will teach normal lifestyle and also join some support groups So that you do not get emotionally disturbed and you come to know that there are many such people who have gone through all this, now they are living a perfect normal life but the most important thing is to control your risk factor. To prevent the risk of major heart attack, diabetes, blood pressure, LDL level in colostrum and stop smoking, maintain your diet and exercise schedule, then maintain everything and by this you will be able to lead life in a very normal way and You give the same example to the rest of the patient. can and in which and in which the confidence level of everyone will increase

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